August 18, 2023

TrueClinic remains as the Health Partner of the Thinking Football Summit

The healthcare company continues its association with the Grand Professional Football Fair

The Thinking Football Summit and TrueClinic have reached an agreement to renew the partnership established for the inaugural edition, with the 100% Portuguese company retaining its status as the event's Health Partner, thus being responsible for providing medical assistance.

Currently caring for over 700,000 athletes from various sports, TrueClinic will even have a direct involvement in the range of panels at the Grand Professional Football Fair, with a dedicated panel on high sports performance, featuring renowned guests in the field of sports health.

Lastly, TrueClinic will also be present in the event's activation area, with the brand's booth promising various surprise activities for all participants who visit.

João Medeiros Cardoso, CEO of Liga Portugal Comercial, had no doubts about the success of this renewal. "Similar to what has happened before, I am certain that this connection will be another success, not only for our sports health partner but also for Liga Portugal. True Clinic has shown clear signs of consolidating its position in the sports market, and these are winning companies that should accompany Liga Portugal," he said.

Miguel Gouveia de Brito, CEO of TrueClinic, confirms the satisfaction of the renewal between the two parties. "It is always an honor for TrueClinic to be a partner of Liga Portugal. Health and sports are in our essence, and being a partner of Liga Portugal and particularly of the Thinking Football Summit embodies that purpose of ours." - Miguel Gouveia de Brito, CEO of TrueClinic.

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