March 09, 2023

‘Centralization of Media Rights’: webinar to be held on March 15

Following several public actions promoting the clarification on issues considered pivotal for the future of Professional Football – and which were already addressed in the Presidents Summits, the Thinking Football Summit 2022 and at two Media Partners Days -, Liga Portugal will be holding a series of Webinars, throughout the months before the Thinking Football Summit 2023, which will take place between September 7 and 9 at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto, in which, with the contribution of a number of national and internationally renowned professionals, will help clarify several issues of interest to all those who truly love football and are willing to engage in an informative debate regarding the challenges ahead for the industry in the coming years.

The first Webinar is scheduled for March 15, at 4pm, and will address the Centralization of Media Rights, an ongoing process of paramount importance for the competitiveness and sustainability of Professional Football in Portugal.

In April, a webinar will be held on 'The impact of operating and structural costs on club competitiveness', followed by three more, covering the following topics: 'The role of district and regional football associations: building a talented League', 'Sports Betting - Reshaping the current distribution model' and 'Creating and retaining talent in Professional Football: a sustainable approach', among many other subjects that will be discussed as a way of kicking off the 2023 edition of the Thinking Football Summit.

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