November 19, 2022

Lucho González - "The Portuguese league has been evolving quite a lot"

"EL Comandante" shared some of his memories with Rui Miguel Tovar and recalled the six titles he won with FC Porto.

Lucho González, former FC Porto captain, was yet another guest who brightened up the morning session of the second day of the Thinking Football Summit 2022. In a cheerful conversation with Rui Miguel Tovar, 'The Commander' began by recalling the 26 titles he won throughout his career, six of them playing for the Dragons.

"I always say that I have some luck, because nobody can win anything alone. You have to form a winning group with a good spirit, not only on match days, but also every day and in every training session. Improving in all aspects and always being competitive throughout the season. After that, the good exhibitions and titles will come, but above all I give importance to the human side I left in each club", he said, recalling the six years he represented the blue and white colors:

"I had no doubts regarding joining FC Porto. Besides being a fantastic city, it's one of the biggest clubs I've represented. I identify very much with its values and I felt as if I was living in Argentina, because they treated me very well. My connection with FC Porto will be eternal."

In addition, Lucho Gonzalez did not hesitate when it came to praising the Portuguese league, affirming its growth over the last few years. "The Portuguese league has been evolving a lot, not only regarding the biggest clubs, but also the others. This only benefits the competition and I notice that now it's more balanced, with very competitive games. The infrastructures and the stadiums are also modern and the pitches have always been very good. The growth has been enormous", he said.