November 19, 2022

Liga Portugal's Barometer and Football Observatory and the IPAM have released a study on the impact of Professional Football in the development of District Football

The study presented at the Thinking Football Summit by Daniel Sá featured the presences of the Associations of Porto, Braga, Algarve and Aveiro


The second day of the Thinking Football Summit kicked off with the presentation of a study carried out by the Barometer and Football Observatory of Liga Portugal and the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing (IPAM). Daniel Sá, director of IPAM and an expert in sports marketing presented a study entitled "Professional Football in the dynamics of District Football development", regarding the economic impact of professional leagues on municipalities.

The panel had the presence of four Associations, with José Manuel Neves (AF Porto), Manuel Machado (AF Braga), José Neves Coelho (AF Aveiro) and Reinaldo Teixeira (AF Algarve). IPAM analysed the direct impacts (revenue from ticketing, rights and advertising, for example) and indirect impacts (economic turnover with the travelling of supporters, for example) and came to the conclusion that the impact of a Club in the Liga Portugal Bwin in a district can reach 8.5 million euros, between direct and indirect impacts. The impact of a Liga Portugal SABSEG Club in a district is around 1.5 million euros.

The whole panel unanimously considered that Professional Football has a direct impact and leverages District Football, in an amateur context. "Professional Football is at top of the pyramid, but it all comes down to the work developed with associations. Liga Portugal cannot ignore amateur football. You don't manage the top of the pyramid without understanding the bottom. It is necessary to understand the vision and the reality of the associations", explained Daniel Sá, in his first intervention.

José Neves Coelho, from the Aveiro Association, reinforced the need to bet on the Football base level. "Obviously Aveiro Association is not satisfied with the number of teams represented, we would like to have more, but we do not neglect the lower-tier levels of football. We have to implement policies for these levels to grow," he said.

For his part, Reinaldo Teixeira (AF Algarve), highlighted the importance of Professional Football. "Professional football motivates and promotes the ground level. This economic impact is essential", said Reinaldo Teixeira.

With SC Braga, Vitória SC, FC Famalicão, FC Vizela, Gil Vicente FC and Moreirense FC, the Braga Association has the most representatives in the Liga Portugal Bwin. The president of Braga Association, Manuel Machado, highlighted the study. "A club in the First Division raises other issues. Braga has five in the First Division, I hope to have six next season with Moreirense. This leverages amateur football, as communities will have more money to sponsor amateur clubs. The economic impact is tremendous", said Manuel Machado.

José Manuel Neves is the president of the Porto Association,   the one with the largest number of footballers in the country. The Porto Association leader highlighted the importance of this panel discussion. "I welcome this forum and the approach of Professional Football to District Football. The results are clear to see. Associations are the basis of this pyramid. There is no professional football in amateur football. We have six players on the National Team going to the World Cup who have started their careers in district teams. Amateur Football takes advantage of the visibility, infrastructures, tourism and promotion of the regions", said José Manuel Neves.