November 18, 2022

The Thinking Football Summit has kicked off

The opening session featured interventions by Pedro Proença, João Paulo Correia and Rui Moreira; a historic day for Professional Football

The first edition of the Thinking Football Summit 2022 has officially started, at the Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota, the biggest international event of discussion and reflection on Football ever organised in Portugal.

In his first intervention at the Opening Session, the President of Liga Portugal, Pedro Proença, highlighted this historic day for the industry. "This will be one of the most important days for Professional Football. We have created the biggest discussion forum on Football and fulfilled a dream that was born three years ago. An ambitious challenge, which we embraced with ambition and without fear. The result is here, for everyone to see. This event, with an innovative concept, will enter the history of Portuguese Football", said Pedro Proença.

The President of Liga Portugal highlighted the presence of the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, João Paulo Correia, and Rui Moreira, Mayor of Porto. Pedro Proença highlighted the "symbolism" of João Paulo Correia's presence. "The Secretary of State is an ally of the Clubs and the Liga Portugal. I cannot stress enough his presence. He demonstrated his commitment a week ago by attending the Presidents Summit. Having him by our side is a privilege", said the President of Liga Portugal.

To Rui Moreira, Pedro Proença highlighted the strong links with the city of Porto, the home of the Liga Portugal headquarters. "Thank You, Mr. Rui Moreira, to you and all professionals in Porto. Portuguese football is grateful to you. This first edition could not be in any other city but Porto. Today Liga Portugal has become a professional ecosystem, growing and investing in internationalisation, but it will never lose this strong link with the city of Porto. It's a promise I make to you," added Pedro Proença.

João Paulo Correia congratulated Liga Portugal for organising the Thinking Football Summit. "I salute Liga Portugal for organising a landmark event and for the work that Liga Portugal has done in valuing Professional Football and the Clubs that compete in the professional leagues," highlighted the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport.

On his part, Rui Moreira, Mayor of the Porto City Hall, stresses the municipality's importance in hosting the first edition of the Thinking Football Summit. "We are the ones who are grateful for the choice. It is with great pleasure that I take part in this opening ceremony of the Thinking Football Summit. I congratulate the international scale of the event and the quality of its participants. The municipality of Porto is extremely receptive to hosting this event. The Thinking Football Summit brings more value to the city and reinforces the sport's notoriety", said the Mayor of Porto.

Rui Moreira mentioned Porto's ties with Liga Portugal and the construction of the Liga Portugal Arena, the new headquarters of Liga Portugal, in Ramalde. "Ramalde will host the new headquarters of Liga Portugal. These strong ties with the municipality are something we greatly appreciate and we intend to maintain", stressed Rui Moreira.