June 27, 2022

Conference League champions AS Roma register huge TikTok leap

When UEFA finally went ahead with their plan of creating a third-tier continental cup, mani big-club fans dismissed it almost entirely. After all, the Conference League was supposed to be mostly composed of clubs from lower-ranked UEFA countries. A third division was not to be celebrated, some argued. Well... try saying that to the Giallorossi as AS Roma fans partied when their players won the first ever UEFA Europa Conference League after beating Feyenoord.

It's fair to assume that the social media professionals at AS Roma have celebrated as well - and not only because of the results on the pitch. Online, the club has taken a big leap, especially on TikTok. In the short video platform, the Giallorossi jumped up three places in the European Top 20 ranking release recently by Italian Group IQUII Sport. The list is part of their European Football Club Report, which analyses numbers from 10 countries (England, Russia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ukraine), 15 leagues and 288 clubs.

AS Roma not only moved up from 20th to the 17th place, with a total of 3.3 million TikTok subscribers, but was also the club which registered the biggest growth percentage-wise among the European top 20, with an increase of 43.48% in their number of followers. Second in that category are Italian champions AC Milan, who have won their 19th Scudetto, with a growth of 41.86% and a total of 6.1 million followers. UEFA Champions League winners Real Madrid have registered the third-biggest growth in the rankings, with a 36.59% increase in followers, but the Merengues have a much higher total with 16.8 million followers.

In total numbers, Ligue 1 champions PSG still have a big lead with 27.2 million followers, followed by Real Madrid (16.8), Tottenham (16.5), Barcelona (15.9), Manchester United (15.3), Juventus (10.6), Bayern Munich (8.9), Liverpool (8.9), Chelsea (7.8) and Manchester City (7.8).