June 23, 2022

Star-studded France tops YouTube ranking among World Cup national teams

They are the FIFA World Cup reigning champions. They have a human highlight reel in Kylian Mbappé. They have enough talent to field maybe three squads capable of beating anyone. It should be no surprise therefore that France's national team has all it takes to be the centre of attention wherever, whenever. And it shows, especially on YouTube.

On the video website, no national team - among those qualified for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - has more subscribers than France. According to sports agency Samba Digital's numbers, the French Football Federation page on YouTube has a little over 1.95 million followers. With a nice mix of backstage clips, match highlights, interviews and training videos, Les Bleus achieve a nice balance and attract fans from all over the planet.

Their success on the pitch helps, of course. Their most watched video is a backstage clip from the World Cup final in 2018, when France beat Croatia to lift the trophy. Over 24 million people pressed play on it. "A Day With Antoine Griezmann", from the Euro 2016, tallies 18 million views.

Right behind France in The World Cup teams' YouTube ranking is England with 1.93 million followers. Brazil is the only other national team in the seven digits region with 1.44 million followers. The rest of the top 10 is made of Poland (807K), USA (449K), South Korea (331K), Japan (286K), Germany (272K), Spain (239K) and Argentina (189K). Numbers have been compiled by Samba Digital, a partner of the Thinking Football Summit, and are accurate as of this week.