May 17, 2022

Premier League leads Europe with most clubs in Top 20 engagement list

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two clubs with most followers in Europe, but when it comes to national championships, there's no match for the Premier League. The top level of English football has seven clubs in the "European Top 20 most followed teams" put together by Italian group IQUII Sport.

Those seven clubs account for 35% of the Top 20, a big advantage over second-place Italy, with four clubs and 20% of the total. The report takes into account the followers of four major social media: Facebook (measured in page likes), Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The most followed club in the Premier League is Manchester United, with a total fanbase of 168.1 million people. The Red Devils are followed by Chelsea (107.1 million), Liverpool (102.6 million), Manchester City (86.9 million), Arsenal (80.9 million), Tottenham Hotspur (45.1 million) and Leicester City (16.1 Million).

Overall, Real Madrid (273.4 million) and Barcelona (265.1) lead the continent in fan engagement amongst the clubs, but La Liga has only 15% of the total, with Atlético de Madrid (33.3 million) joining the two powerhouses in the top 20.

In their report, IQUII Sport takes into account 10 countries: England, Russia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ukraine. They claim to analyse numbers from 15 leagues and almost 300 clubs. Their latest numbers - the ones mentioned in this article - are from March 14 to April 11, 2022.