May 07, 2022

Liga Portugal and the Confuts Events establish a partnership aiming at bringing business exchange between Brazil and Portugal closer

The partnership seeks to promote a series of experiences and actions between the two markets.


Seeking to expand business relations between Brazil and Portugal, Confuts Events and the Liga Portugal have established an institutional partnership. The relationship aims to promote actions between the parties.

The institutional partnership will promote a series of experiences and actions between these markets, including the presence of Liga Portugal's event - Thinking Football Summit 2022 at the Confut Sudamericana event. Along the same lines, Confuts Events are also guaranteed a presence at the Thinking Football Summit in November 2022.


Arthur Lobo, CEO of Confut, describes his enthusiasm for the partnership.

"It is very important that we strengthen the relationship between the Brazilian and Portuguese football industries. It is through events around this theme, around the creation of new businesses, that great partnerships emerge. At Confut, we are excited and focused on the future results that this relationship with Liga Portugal will deliver to the market as a whole," said Arthur.


Tiago Madureira, Executive Director at Liga Portugal, has also spoken about this relationship.

"We are very happy for the materialisation of this partnership with CONFUT, due to its commercial vision of Brazilian football. This is a step towards the internationalisation of Liga Portugal and the Thinking Football Summit. It will be a pleasure to collaborate with CONFUT for the development of football in South America, particularly in Brazil, which is currently considering the creation of a Club Association that will organise the Brazilian Football Championship, which will certainly revolutionise the business and the sporting side of the industry.

It will also be an excellent networking exchange between these two countries,

with CONFUT's presence at the Thinking Football Summit 2022."


More about the Confut Sudamericana

Scheduled for July 14 and 15, at the Hilton Morumbi Hotel in São Paulo, Confut Sudamericana seeks to promote an environment for business creation, networking and content exposure that contributes to the development of the South American football industry.

Featuring over 100 speakers, the Conference will bring together the top players and names in South American football to discuss tendencies, challenges and opportunities in the football industry. The event's programme will include seminars, debates, case studies and a Business Fair. Find out more about Confut Sudamericana at: