April 29, 2022

The European Leagues General Assembly will be joining the Thinking Football Summit in Porto

Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary at the EL, praises the credibility of Liga Portugal and announces that the next major meeting of the organisation will be held in Porto, when European football will come together at this major event organised by Liga Portugal

The next General Assembly of the European Leagues will take place from the 16 to 18 November in the city of Porto, with the works preceding and coinciding with the Thinking Football Summit (18 to 20 November).

Alberto Colombo, Deputy General Secretary at the EL, praised the notoriety of Liga Portugal and the achievements of its President, Pedro Proença, at the current meeting taking place today in Istanbul, Turkey.

"The European Leagues granted the holding of the next General Assembly in the city of Porto, from 16 to 18 November, as this is the best way to combine our work agenda on a political-institutional level with the spectacle of the game in our stadiums but also the business aspect of the professional football industry. At that time, Liga Portugal will be organising the Thinking Football Summit, an event that will quickly become a European Football reference and a space where it will be possible to talk about the sport at the highest level and its different aspects", said the representative, praising the development and credibility of Liga Portugal among the biggest European leagues.

"The efforts and the work that is being done by Liga Portugal, and by its President Pedro Proença, who has taken the institution to a level of maturity and credibility, is therefore recognised by all the different leagues that comprise the European Leagues," stressed Alberto Colombo.