September 08, 2023

António Salvador: "We can be opponents on the pitch, but off it we must be partners in the development of Portuguese football"

The SC Braga President took the TFS Stage to reflect on his 20 years at the helm of the Braga club.


The sustained growth of SC Braga over the last 20 years was one of the topics highlighted on the afternoon of the second day of the TFS Stage, in a panel with António Salvador, President of SC Braga.

Having recently completed the second phase of the Cidade Desportiva (Sports City) and qualified for the group stage of the Champions League, the Minho Warriors’ leader began by looking back and highlighting the priorities set two decades ago when he took over as president of SC Braga.

"This moment didn't happen by chance, because it was planned and drawn up 20 years ago. We defined three fundamental axes: to regain sporting and financial stability, to be permanently present in European competitions and to create the infrastructural conditions with the Sports City. We can say that this is one of the greatest moments in the history of the club," he said.

"We want to get better every day, always working to improve our position and be more competitive. Everyone has to be ready to win, with the ambition of becoming champions one day," he added, stressing that SC Braga's financial health will allow them to approach the season with confidence:

"Even without qualifying for the Champions League, this would be a sound year. By qualifying, we were able to keep the talent in the squad. And a large part of the income has been invested in infrastructure, because we want to have a sustainable club that's always growing.

As a last point, António Salvador left a message of unity and reiterated the path of continuous progress in Portuguese football. "My speech is always about competitiveness. With the players we have, in the best leagues and the best clubs, we need to be more competitive. On the pitch we can be opponents, but off it we must be partners in the development of professional football in Portugal," he concluded.