July 19, 2023

50 days left until Thinking Football Summit

The Great Professional Football Fair will take place from September 7th to 9th at the Super Bock Arena in the city of Porto

The Thinking Football Summit, one of the flagship projects on the European sports calendar, is 50 days away from the start of its second edition, taking place from September 7th to 9th, at the Super Bock Arena in the city of Porto.

After the resounding success of the inaugural edition, which saw more than 15,000 participants, 20 nationalities represented, 50 clubs, and 30 exhibitors, the Grand Professional Football Fair will once again bring together professionals from the industry, companies, sports organizations, and institutions from various countries, along with students and fans who wish to “breathe” football for three days.

With several renowned national and international speakers already confirmed, notable names include Pierdamiano Tomagra (Head of Digital at Serie A), Marco Castellaneta (Head of Digital Media at Juventus), Andrés Garcia (Female Academy Scouting Coordinator at Atlético Madrid), Stefano and Rafaele Petruzzo (owners of Richmond FC and Hampton), Robbie Lyle (Founder and CEO of Global Fan Network) and many more to come.

Throughout the three days, there will be discussions on highly relevant topics for the global football industry, including sports management, marketing and sponsorships, governance, sports law, innovation and technology, Women's Football, rights, content and fan engagement, health and performance, as well as technical and tactical gameplay.

"The success of the Thinking Football Summit has brought a before and after when it comes to organizing events for reflection and discussion within the industry. We are just 50 days away from the second edition of the Thinking Football Summit and eager to host another international event of excellence that will elevate Portuguese football and our country," said Pedro Proença, President of Liga Portugal.

In addition to the knowledge acquisition area, the Thinking Football Summit features a dedicated entertainment zone where participants can enjoy experiences, autograph sessions with former players and influencers, eSports, and much more. All of this is designed for football enthusiasts who want to experience the fun and interactive side of the sport.