July 06, 2023

Thinking Football Summit 2023 announces a new line-up of speakers

Andrés Garcia, Pierdamiano Tomagra, Stefano Petruzzo, Rafaele Petruzzo and Mads Davidsen will be present at the Super Bock Arena

With just two months to go before the second edition of the Grand Professional Football Fair kicks off, the Thinking Football Summit announces the confirmation of five more internationally renowned speakers.

Firstly, one of the new confirmations is Andrés Garcia, a household name in Women's Football, being the current Scouting Coordinator at Atlético de Madrid's women's academy.

Coming from Italy, more specifically from Serie A, we have Pierdamiano Tomagra, head of the digital department of the main Italian football league. In his career, he also has a stint at Juventus, where he was Digital Marketing Officer between 2017 and 2021.

The event will also count on the presence of the Petruzzo brothers, Stefano and Rafaele. Together they are principal owners of Hampton & Richmond FC, the London club that is known as the "100-year-old start-up" or "the real Ted Lasso team".

Building on the global hype generated by Wrexham AFC, Hampton & Richmond is on a mission to elevate the commercial, sporting and ESG profile of the National League by demonstrating there is a sustainable pathway for community clubs to succeed on all three fronts simultaneously.   

Lastly, the Thinking Football Summit also announces the confirmation of Mads Davidsen, Group Head of Football at Right to Dream, a football community that recognises and nurtures local emerging talent, creating opportunities for young talent to reach their full potential in football, education and life.

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