June 09, 2023

Group tickets with a special discount

June 09, 2023

Group tickets with a special discount

Thinking Football Summit 2023 is getting closer and ticket sales for the event are already underway, with the Reduced Rate phase running until July 31. 

From today, those interested in joining the Grand Professional Football Fair will have another opportunity to get a special discount on the purchase of group tickets.

Group tickets offer exclusive opportunities, with groups of more than two people enjoying a 5% discount for each ticket purchased:


2 tickets: 5% discount on each ticket

3 tickets: 10% discount on each ticket

4 tickets: 15% discount on each ticket

5 tickets: 20% discount on each ticket*

*On the purchase of 5 tickets, one is free.


The group ticket discount is applied to the Delegate Pass and Corporate Pass, this being the only way to have a discount applied to the Corporate Pass.

Fill out this form for more information regarding group tickets: https://bit.ly/3pv1yYh