March 28, 2023

NWSL and Endeavor announce deal to broadcast football matches outside the US

US women's competition aims to increase its fanbase in the lead-up journey to the World Cup

Women's football is on the rise, and those who follow the sport devoutly have no doubt that this trend will continue, with its major competitions enjoying ever-greater media exposure in every corner of the world.

The National Women Soccer League (NWSL) is the major women's football competition in North America and one of the most highly rated in the world. With this in mind, the organisation is looking to broaden its viewership outside the US, and is counting on the contribution from the sports-industry giants and owners of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Endeavor, to achieve this.

With the growing popularity of the sport and the coming 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, which is expected to further strengthen the position of Women's Football in the sporting scene, the two organisations aim to launch a free streaming platform, only available outside North America, where their subscribers can watch the matches of the competition.

The objective is to grow the competition's audience and the anticipation for the tournament that will crown the next world champion. It is estimated that between 25-30 per cent of the players competing in the NWSL will take part in the World Cup.

As for the current domestic broadcast agreement in the USA with CBS Sports, the deal is worth $1.5 million per season and is now entering its third and final year, and according to the competition's commissioner Jessica Berman, there is already an enormous interest from several broadcasters to secure the broadcasting rights of the event domestically in the coming years.