March 21, 2023

FIFA ranks second in the #SportOnSocial League Table 2023

A study conducted by Redtorch analysed the performance of International Olympic Federations on social media in 2022

Social media is currently one of the primary platforms for linking an institution, whether sporting or otherwise, with its fans, and the work carried out in this aspect can help define a brand's reach across the globe.

In the seventh edition of the #SportOnSocial League Table, Redtorch analysed figures such as the number of followers and its growth, as well as the number of views and engagement to identify which International Olympic Federations have the biggest presence on the most popular social networks, namely Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok.

In the analysis conducted for the year 2022, FIFA ranked second in the table, one place higher in comparison with the previous year, being surpassed only by Volleyball World (FIVB), and with World Athletics closing the podium.

The organisation that governs football worldwide counted on the Qatar World Cup to spark remarkable growth in its numbers, with FIFA having the most engaged post in the period under review, with a total of 6.6 million impressions. The latter was posted on Instagram and related to the Argentine national team's World Cup victory.

However, it is also important to mention that FIFA had the most engaged posts in each of the platforms mentioned at the beginning of the article, and all posts were related to the Argentine victory in the world's greatest competition dedicated to the beautiful game.

In terms of the overall figures, it was found that the International Olympic Federations had a 68% increase in followers compared to 2021 and also an increase of 228 million followers compared to 2016. Moreover, there was also a 14% growth in the number of posts compared to last year, with Twitter being the most used social network by the organisations under analysis.