June 14, 2022

Europa League champions Eintracht Frankfurt lead Europe in fan base growth

They displayed amazing tifos at Deutsche Bank Park. They travelled in large numbers to other countries following their club. There were about 30 thousand of them at the Camp Nou when Eintracht Frankfurt played Barcelona in the Europa League quarterfinals. They were 50 thousand in Sevilla for the final. They were everywhere.

The German club conquered Europe on and off the pitch. As Eintracht Frankfurt lifted the continental trophy, their fans conquered the world. But not only that. They also conquered the internet. According to the latest "European Football Club" report, published by Italian group IQUII Sport, Eintracht Frankfurt was the club with the biggest percentage growth in online fan base among first division sides during the months of April and May, 2022.

The study takes into account four social media: facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Overall, Frankfurt saw its fan base grow by 13,3% in the period. Second and third in the top 20 rankings are Italy's Salernitana (11,59%) and Spain's Villarreal (8,94%), respectively.

Instagram was where Frankfurt was most successful, growing its fan base by 23,85% and leading all European first division clubs. The German club also lead the YouTube numbers, with a growth of 18,38%. On Facebook and Twitter, Eintracht was not as successful. On the bird app, they were in sixth place overall (6,24%) and on Mark Zuckerberg's network, a 9,78% growth left them in third place, behind Ukraine's Vorskla Poltava and Spain's Cádiz.

In their report, IQUII Sport takes into account 10 countries: England, Russia, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ukraine. They claim to analyse numbers from 15 leagues and 288 clubs. Their latest numbers - the ones mentioned in this article - are from April 11 to May 30, 2022.